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General cargo is handled from two warehouses with a combined capacity of more than 10.000 square meters, in which import and export shipments are kept strictly apart. Maastricht Handling Services has at its disposal platform- and warehouse handling equipment for every type of aircraft you choose to fly, and with an annual handling capacity of more than 100.000 tonnes, storage is never a problem.

Direct link to Customs
When you start working with Maastricht Handling Services, you will hardly notice that customs is there. They are, of course, but thanks to the direct link which customs has to our system, they entrust us to complete the necessary documents for our clients, electronically. You can simply leave all the official paperwork to us as part of our fully integrated service.
What is more ? Customs is available to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our warehouses are fully customs approved. The time we save you on customs formalities is just another reason why your cargo moves faster here than at other airports.

Ground coordination
As a service to our airline and freight forwarder clients, Maastricht Handling closely monitors the arrival and departure of cargo shipments to ensure that ground logistics, such as truckers , are there on time.Our integrator background has shown us that cargo handling is one continuous flow, from shipper to consignee. The overall speed and efficiency of the chain depends on how well each link performs.We not only arrange ground logistic providers for you, but coordinate their movements on your behalf. While other airports talk about " just in time" logistics as abstract philosophy, we practise it every day.

Fast Turnaround
At Maastricht Airport the distance between the aircraft apron, the warehouse and the highway can be measured, litterally, in meters. This , together with sophisticated internal systems and procedures ensures exceptionally fast turn-around and handling.We are proud of the fact that the average " dwelling time " at our airport is only four to six hours. This measure of the time between touch-down and when the cargo is on the road is far below the industry average.

Equipment at MHS
Full range of equipment at Maastricht Aachen Airport.
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